Lacina Coulibaly

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Lecturer Theater and Performance Studies
220 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-8925

Lacina is an extraordinary individual who made significant contributions to the dance world. As an accomplished professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor, his passion lies in merging traditional African dances with contemporary influences, creating captivating performances that leave a lasting impact.

Co-founding the renowned Cie Kongo Bâ Teria dance company in 1995, Lacina’s talent quickly gained recognition with the award-winning creation “Vin Nem, featured in the documentary film “Movement (R)Evolution Africa” in 2007.” This groundbreaking piece mesmerized audiences during extensive tours across Europe and the United States, solidifying his status as a remarkable artist.

 Throughout Lacina’s career, collaborations with esteemed international dance companies such as Salia ni Seydou, Faso Danse Theatre, Tché Tché, Anikaya, and Urban Bush Women have showcased a unique ability to integrate various styles and influences into breathtaking performances. Collaborations with renowned artists such as Emily Coates, Amy Sullivan, Kota Yamakazi, Seydou Coulibaly, and Nora Chipaumire further demonstrate Lacina’s versatility and artistic vision.

 Beyond the stage, Lacina has dedicated time to pedagogical work in social and educational programs, empowering aspiring dancers and leaving a lasting impact. Lacina’s involvement as a choreographer and associate artistic/pedagogical director for the Engagement Féminin project in Ouagadougou has been instrumental in training and empowering female dancers in Africa.

 Lacina’s expertise extends to teaching and directing dance projects with students at esteemed institutions such as Barnard College, Sarah Lawrence College, ACES, Florida University, Brown University, New School, UCLA, and CDC la Termitière.

 In addition to artistic achievements, Lacina has developed Sigini, an innovative analytical approach to African dances, particularly West African dance, and a pedagogical approach for designing and sculpting movement. This groundbreaking methodology has firmly established Lacina as a leading authority in the dance community.

 Lacina’s latest work, “Until the Lion Tells the Story, …” delves into ancient African civilizations, emphasizing the importance of history in strengthening communities. This highly anticipated creation will premiere at New York Live Arts in 2024 as part of the Live Feed 2022-2024 artist residency, marking another milestone in his illustrious career. Currently serving as a faculty at Yale University, associate artistic director at Yale Dance Lab, and artistic director of Hakili Sigi, Lacina continues to inspire and educate future generations of dancers, passing on invaluable knowledge and skills.