Spring 2024 Courses in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Number Instructor(s) Title Domains Day/Time Location
THST 111 Reid Modes of Performance Required T 1:30-3:20
Discussion A: W 1:30-2:20
Discussion B: F 1:30-2:20
Ballroom (101)
THST 491 Roberts and Egan Senior Project in Theater Studies Required W 9:25-11:15, Senior Essay Seminar Room (202)
THST 492 Stokes   TBD TBD
Number Instructor(s) Title Domains Day/Time Location
THST 093 Brooks Creativity, Collaboration, and the Art of Theater AP M 3:30-5:20 Chapter Room (201)
THST 129 Nicole Sheriko Tragedy in the European Literary Tradition HI, Elective MW 1pm-2:15pm TBD
THST 207 Paul Introduction to Dramaturgy AP & PT M 1:30-3:20 General room assignment
THST 211 Francesca Fernandez McKenzie Intermediate Acting AP T 1:30pm-5:20pm TBD
THST 228 Spillane Writing about the Performing Arts AP & IA TTh 11:35am-12:50pm n/a
THST 241 Thomasson Classical Hollywood Narrative Elective, IA TTh 2:30pm-3:20pm
T 7pm-9pm
THST 257 MacKay Chekhov HI, Elective MW 10:30am-11:20am TBD
THST 300 Singleton The Director and the Text 1 AP MW 9:30-12:20 Chapter Room (201)
THST 310 Chambers Analysis through Action: Text Analysis and Improvisation AP TH 1:30-5:20 ballroom (101)
THST 311 Dorfman The Deep: Representations of the Sea HI, PT M 9:25-11:15 TBD
THST 318 Dorfman Analyzing, Directing, and Performing Early Opera AP & IA Th 4pm-6pm Stoeck 107
THST 320 Jacobs-Jenkins Playwriting AP M 3:30-5:20 TBD
THST 322 Jacobs-Jenkins Advanced Playwriting AP M 12:00- 3:00 TBD
THST 337 Campbell & Hubbard Global Encounters on the English Stage HI, Elective MW 11:35am-12:50pm TBD
THST 370 Illakowicz Polish Theater and its Traditions HI, Elective MW 1pm-2:15pm TBD
THST 376 Roberts Digital Media in Performance AP & IA MW 3.30-5.20 53 Wall St. GYM
THST 379 Rainwater & Rossmy Advanced Topics in Theatrical Violence AP T/TH 1:30-3:20 PWG 5th floor basketball court
THST 390 M. Robinson Modern European Drama HI, PT T 1:30pm-3:20pm TBD
THST 435 Morrison & Suttor Creativity: Strategies and Practicesd for Getting Unstuck? AP & IA T 10:30-12:20 ballroom
THST 441 Elise Morrison Feminist Theater and Performance PT, HI M 1:30-3:20 TBD
THST 458 Musser Documentary Film Workshop AP & IA T 7pm-10pm
W 3:30pm-6:20pm
DANCE STUDIES (All Domains)        
Number Instructor(s) Title Domains Day/Time Location
THST 092 Coulibaly African Rhythm in Motion AP & IA T/TH 1-2:15 PWG, 8th-floor MPR
THST 380 Seibert Choreographic Invention AP & HI M 3:30-5:20 294 Elm, 303
THST 319 R. Robinson Embodying Story AP & IA T/TH 10:30-12:20 294 Elm 303
THST 234 Reid Dance, Race, and Social Movements PT & HI W 1:30-3:30 TBD
THST 335 Coulibaly West African Dance: Traditional to Contemporary AP & HI T/TH 10:30-12:20 PWG, 8th-floor MPR
THST 345 Harjito Dance and Arts Activism in Southeast Asia PT & HI W 1:30-3:20 ELM street, 303
THST 396 Hultman Moving Sites and Structures IA & PT W 3:30-6:20 294 ELM, 303
THST 233 Titus History of Russian Theater HI, Elective F 1:30pm-3:20pm TBD
THST 427 Coates Technologies of Movement Research IA & PT M 10:30-12:20 PWG, 8th-floor MPR
Number Instructor(s) Title Domains Day/Time Location
THST 338 Egan Current Trends in Musical Theater HI, PT W 1:30-3:20 STOECK 312
THST 226 Andrea Burns Musical Theater Performance II AP F: 11-2 TBA
THST 412 Lisa Kron Libretto Writing for Musical Theater AP F 11:30-1:20 STOECK 107
MUSI 330 Jeanine Tesori Musical Theater Composition II TBD M 1:30 - 3:20 STOECK 313
Related Courses in other Departments and Programs
Number Instructor(s) Title Domains Day/Time Location
E&RS 640 Andrei Kureichyk Drama and the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict HI MW 11:35a-12:50p TBD
ART 349 Ben Hagari Advanced Video Installation PT, IA Th 8:25am-12:20pm EDG36 023 - 36 Edgewood Ave. Sculpture Bld 023
EALL 523 Tina Lu Topics in Chinese Drama HI HTBA TBD
MUSI 233 Phil Acimovic Cultures and Performing Arts of Central Java HI M 9:25-11:15a, HTBA STOECK B01 - Stoeckel Hall (renovated) B01
MUSI 232 Phil Acimovic Central Javanese Gamelan Ensemble PT, IA M 1:30pm-3:20pm, HTBA STOECK B01 - Stoeckel Hall (renovated) B01
Music 330 Egan/Tesori Musical Theatre Composition II AP M 1:30pm-3:20pm STOECK 313
ENGL 337 David Bromwich Shakespeare’s Political Plays HI TTh 9am-10:15am  
ENGL 805 Helen Yitah Literature, Life, and Thought in West Africa from the mid-1800s to1960s HI W 9:25am-11:15am  
CPLT 613 Kirk Wetters Historical Fiction HI W 3:30pm-5:20pm  
PORT 151 Giseli Tordin Drama as Resistance: From Neoliberalism to the Bolsonarism Crisis HI TTh 11:35am-12:50pm  
SAST 470 Aleksandar Uskokov Indian Philosophy in Sanskrit Literature HI T 1:30pm-3:20pm, HTBA TBD
ENV 615 Marian Chertow Green Stages: Environmental Themes in the Theatre TBD T 4pm-6:50pm MARSH R - Marsh Hall R
  • Read the Class Notes section at the bottom of the YCS description for each course you are interested in. This contains important information that you may not find on the course’s Canvas page. 

  • Read the Expanded Course Description on Canvas for each course you are interested inExpanded descriptions of most TAPS courses will be available by clicking the “Syllabus” button on the YCS listing for the course. However, if the Canvas page is missing, or it does not have the information you need, please email the instructor of the course, the faculty member overseeing the course (Coates, Egan, or Stokes), or the TAPS Registrar, Ms. Conti ( 

  • If you are not sure if a course counts towards the TAPS major or if you are not sure which category or categories a course may count towards, email the TAPS Registrar, Ms. Conti ( In most cases, this will be clear from the course’s YCS listing. 

  • If you would like to take a course that you believe should be counted as a TAPS coursebut isn’t currently cross-listed, please let Prof. Brooks know as soon as possible ( You might be able to take the course for TAPS credit, but you must get written permission from the DUS to do so. 

  • If you are interested in taking courses at the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale or any of the professional schools, please see here for information about which courses are currently approved for credit by Yale College. Please note that these courses have been offered in the past and are not necessarily offered in upcoming semesters. In addition, DGSD typically does not publish its courses until the start of the semester. TAPS does not influence which DGSD courses are approved for credit. Once you determine that the course is being offered and that you can either take it for credit or are willing to audit, contact the DGSD instructor for permission. Once you receive permission, email Prof. Brooks ( and Registrar Ms. Conti (alana.conti@yale.eduin order to complete the relevant forms. 

  • All courses are subject to change and cancellation until the start of the semester. Courses may also be added until the start of the semester.  

Other Course Information:

  • Dance Studies Curriculum (85215, 235, 319, 340, 400) 

  • First-Year Seminars (85, 93)  

  • Required Courses for TAPS Major (111, 491) 

  • Shen Curriculum in Musical Theater (226, 412, and others in MUSIC) 

  • Writing Intensive Courses (129, 215, 228, 400) 

  • THST 471 - Let Prof. Brooks know if you want to pursue a Directed Independent Study ( The information/application form is due the first week of the semester. 

Related Courses offered in Departments & Programs other than Theater and Performance Studies:



Each semester there are a number of courses offered in other departments and programs that may fulfill a requirement in Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS) but which, for a variety of reasons, do not have a cross-listing with our program. In other words, you won’t see a THST number associated with the course.* Furthermore, you may find that the course is limited to graduate students or has prerequisites, enrollment caps, or other requirements that would prevent you from being able to register. To date, the following courses offered by departments and programs other than TAPS may be taken to fulfill the requirements of the Theater and Performance Studies major. However, this is not guaranteed until you receive written DUS permission 


If you would like to take a course that you believe should be counted as a TAPS course, but isn’t currently cross-listed, please let Prof. Brooks know as soon as possible ( You might be able to take the course for TAPS credit, but you must get written permission from the DUS to do so. 

You may be invited to meet to discuss the matter or contact the course instructor for a syllabus. You may need to request written confirmation from the instructor that you will be able to write or present on topics that would allow you to earn credit in TAPS (theater, dance, opera, digital media, performance studies, etc.)You also may be told that the course will count for credit towards the major once you are able to demonstrate, usually at the end of the semester, that one or more of your assignments focused on topics relevant to the major. In all such cases, you will not be able to receive credit for the course until you have express written permission (via email) from the DUS of Theater and Performance Studies. It is possible to obtain permission once you have enrolled in the course, but again, there is no guarantee. 


*The program will officially change its name to Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies on July 1, 2024. Even though our name has changed, the subject code (THST) will stay the same. All courses with the subject code THST fulfill the requirements for the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies major.

Graduate-level Course Information 

Graduate-level courses may or may not be open to undergraduates on a limited basis. Please contact the course’s instructor and the DUS if you are interested: ART 585AMST 712, WGSS 779, CPLT 638, ENGL 533. The courses offered by the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale (DGSD) have not yet been published.