Shen Curriculum Turns 15!

Emily Jenda ’10 of the Hamilton National Tour
August 13, 2020

The Shen Curriculum turns fifteen this fall.  To celebrate this milestone – and to raise awareness of the unique breadth, depth and success of this Yale initiative,  we have created a short music video featuring students and graduates of the Curriculum.  Ted and Mary Jo Shen initiated the idea, with mastermind Megan Loughran ‘09 at the helm and Alex Ratner ‘15 as our music arranger.  

This video features graduates and current students of the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theatre at Yale – including Emily Jenda ’10 of the Hamilton National Tour; Henry Gottfried ’14 of Waitress on Broadway; and YouTube star Sam Tui ’11 – singing “Our Time” by Stephen Sondheim.
Since its founding in 2005, the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater at Yale has celebrated the American musical theater as a significant and evolving art form reflective of American culture, history, and aesthetics. For more information on the Shen Curriculum, visit:

Course offerings for 2020-2021 include: 

Fall 2020:
Musical Theater Performance I, Annette Jolles
Musical Theater Composition I, Joshua Rosenblum
American Musical Theater History, Daniel Egan
Lyric Writing for Musical Theater, Michael Korie
Spring 2020:
Musical Theater Performance II, Maria-Christina Oliveras
Musical Theater Composition II, Scott Frankel
Sondheim & the American Musical Theater Tradition, Daniel Egan
Libretto Writing for Musical Theater, Marsha Norman
Questions?  Please contact, Coordinator of the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater
This video features performances by:
Cami Arboles, ‘20 
Terrence Chin-Loy, ‘14
Henry Gottfried, ‘14
Emily Jenda, ‘10
Megan Loughran, ‘09
Sam Tsui, ‘11
Erika Anclade, ‘18 
Mallory Baysek, ‘11
Sam Bolen, ‘10
Stephanie Brandon, ‘13
Casey Breves, ‘09
Sarah Chapin, ‘17
Ginna Doyle, ‘17
Kenyon Duncan, ‘19
Zina Ellis, ‘15 
Jay Frisby, ‘10
Miles Jacoby, ‘11
Christian Probst, ‘17
Alaina Anderson, ‘21
Kate Berman, ‘11 
John H. Cooper, ‘21
Madi Cupp-Enyard, ‘20 
Danny Germino-Watnick, ‘22
Aissa Giundo, ‘21
Jake Gluckman, ‘21
Erin Krebs, ‘18 
Emily Locke, ‘19 
Aaron McAleavy, ‘19
Noelle Mercer, ‘22
Ian Miller, ‘16
Delilah Napier, ‘19       
Ethan Riordan, ‘22
Gilberto Saenz, ‘19
Ted and Mary Jo Shen 
Daniel Egan
Megan Loughran, ‘09 
Megan Loughran, ‘09
Musical Director/Arranger:
Alex Ratner, ‘15
Ellen Callaghan
Audio Mixer:
Ian Kagey