PANDEMONIUM: A Senior Project in TAPS for Ale Campillo, Cassandra Hsiao, and Noelle Mercer

September 28, 2021

PANDEMONIUM is a theater studies thesis project for Ale Campillo, Cassandra Hsiao & Noelle Mercer. This immersive performance piece inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan aims to decolonize theater and the racialized, colonized world of Neverland by fusing our performance with the audience’s childlike imagination. We seek to answer these questions: What does it mean to create theater, to devise a work that is meant to reflect our past and present experiences, when the state of our world and future feels like it’s sinking in quicksand? What shape would that work take? How can we imbue the concept of “Neverland,” a child’s playground, into a performance that will undoubtedly be rooted in our adult reality? In this metatheatrical, immersive, and interactive production, we aim to confound audience expectations by blurring the line between performer, performance, and spectator. By honing in on our devised key words of “joy, wonder, anti-racism, bravery, and healing,” we will create a movement and music-inspired experience for audience members to tap into their inner child through the lens of Peter Pan. 

The piece plays at our Black Box Theater (Rm. 118 53 Wall St.), and the environs immediately surrounding

Thursday, October 14th at 5pm


Saturday, October 16th at 2pm & 5pm

Performances are open to Yale students, faculty, and staff only.

Due to COVID safety guidelines, and the creative team’s desire to create an intimate experience, tickets are EXTREMELY limited (18 per performance).