The Family Showcase: A Senior Project for Iragi Nkera and Saphia Suarez

November 12, 2020

The Family Showcase examines the effects of migration and generational trauma in the Black family through the eyes of the Black child. It reckons with the more insidious aspects of this through the reclamation of storytelling agency. The playwrights shared their family stories with one another and mapped a play that juxtaposes their two narratives. They played with theatrical conventions concerning the boundaries of character, genre, time and space to attempt to articulate the inarticulable—What is missing in my family and why? What is the source of this lack? How can we fix it?

Live Streaming:
Tuesday, November 17 @ 8pm
Wednesday, November 18 @ 8pm
Thursday, November 19 @ 2pm & 8pm

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