Robert Stepto

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Prof English, Prof Afr Am Studies, Prof American Studies
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
203-432-2268, 203-432-1170

Robert Burns Stepto, Ph.D. 1974, Stanford University, is Professor of African American Studies, American Studies, and English. At Yale since 1974, he has served Afro-American Studies as Director of Undergraduate Studies (1974-77), as Director of Graduate Studies (1978-81; 1985-89, Spring 1994), and as Chair of African American Studies (2005-2008). His publications include Blue As The Lake (1998), From Behind The Veil: A Study of Afro-American Narrative (1979; 1991) and The Selected Poems of Jay Wright (1987). He has also Co-edited (with Michael S. Harper) Chant of Saints: A Gathering of Afro-American Literature, Art and Scholarship, (with Dexter Fisher) Afro-American Literature: The Reconstruction of Instruction (1979), and (with D. McQuade et al.) The Harper American Literature (1993), for which he is the twentieth-century poetry editor. He has been an editor for journals such as American Literature, American Quarterly, and Callaloo. Professor Stepto teaches courses on American autobiography, African-American poetry, fiction, and drama.